The name of the scholarship holder benefiting from the grant awarded by the Joana Vasconcelos Foundation in partnership with the University of Évora this year has been revealed. It goes to Francisco de Carvalho Nunes Martins da Costa, attending the 3rd curricular year of the Design degree in that institution.

A tradition of the past six years, reaching 12 scholarship holders so far, this action aims to help support students with high academic achievement, encouraging them to continue their studies in the visual arts field.

Founded in 1559, the University of Évora, in Alentejo, continues to pursue its mission as a centre for creation, transmission and dissemination of culture and knowledge. Annually, alongside the Joana Vasconcelos Foundation, created in 2012 by the Portuguese artist to support the teaching of the arts, solidarity actions and social causes. Showcasing how art can support people.


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