On 17 September 2021, in the context of its internationalisation strategy, Joana Vasconcelos Foundation welcomes a program of events which aims to create and enhance creative dynamics of social responsibility on a global scale. REBOOT: Artistic Sustainability – Beyond Green includes a talk with Ai Weiwei and Joana Vasconcelos regarding the relationship between visual arts and political and social activism.

The program also includes a series of debates focused on issues of sustainability, transformation and digital colonisation, financing and cultural management, and the new configurations of the visual arts ecosystem, as well as its impact on the daily lives of populations, with leading figures of the art world, aiming to support scholarship art students in international institutions.

While the world struggles with a pandemic and debates for the best way to get out of it, it is urgent to question our way of life and define a sustainable path for the future, which prioritises the planet and the people, where creativity and art they can play a crucial role in redefining integrated and holistic strategies. These events will take place at Atelier Joana Vasconcelos, located in Doca de Alcântara, reinforcing Lisbon’s identity as a city open to the world and proactive in the search for global solutions.

In 2012, the most international Portuguese artist of her generation created the Joana Vasconcelos Foundation, with the aim of supporting art education (awarding scholarships to young students), contributing to solidarity actions and social causes. The first edition of REBOOT: Artistic Sustainability – Beyond Green, which is hosted by Unidade Infinita and institutionally supported by Garantir Cultura, was created from a proposal by Filomena Marques, Strategy Manager and Specialist, and D. André Quiroga, Cultural Events Promoter and Curator, who ensures the programming and curatorship of the conferences, which will become regular and itinerant.


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