Support for arts education is what moves forward the scholarships granted for five years now by the Joana Vasconcelos Foundation, in partnership with the University of Évora. This year, the scholarship holders are Júlia Kovács and Maria Frias Vila Lobos, attending the second year of the master's degree in “Artistic Practices in Visual Arts” and the second year of the degree in “Visual and Multimedia Arts” respectively. 

Since 2015, 11 scholarship holders have benefited from this action, which aims to meet the needs of students with academic achievement and low income.

The second university in Portugal after Coimbra, founded in 1559, the University of Évora continues to play an important role as a center for the creation, transmission and dissemination of culture, science and technology from the Alentejo to the entire country. The Joana Vasconcelos Foundation was created in 2012, as a non-profit organization to support arts education, solidarity actions and social causes. Together, they pursue a new human dimension in the artistic field.


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