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REBOOT in Paris

The city of lights hosted the second edition of the international conference REBOOT: Artistic Sustainability – Beyond Green. At Le Carreau du Temple, in Paris, personalities from different areas came together to reflect on the social responsibility of the artistic world on the behalf of the planet's sustainability.


As programmer D. André de Quiroga pointed out, it was important to highlight sectors of economic and cultural activity in which France played a pioneering role and maintains global leadership: “Museums continue to have the gift of making the artist exceptional, canonising him through acquisition and exhibition of works. Gastronomy has assumed an unavoidable importance in contemporary society, and fashion, as an industry which creates and amplifies trends, are very powerful economic forces. The latter have a profound impact on the way in which the planet's natural resources are managed. These three products of European civilization, which measure the socio-economic-cultural level of each country, owe a lot, historically, to France, and we could not fail to summon specialists in each of the areas for this edition of REBOOT in Paris.”

The programme, which unfolded through the morning of Friday 9 September, included reflections by Bernard Blistène (former director of the Museum of Modern Art at the Pompidou Center) on the future of museums and Denon's heritage, in the sense and delimitation of a space that gave value and meaning to artistic creation; and the analysis of Demetrio Paparoni (Italian curator and art critic) on the role of time in artistic production. Celine Vogt (from the Michelangelo Foundation) joined (visual artist) Joana Vasconcelos and (sociologist and former minister of culture) Graça Fonseca to discuss the relationship between contemporary art and artisanal production within the arts & crafts universe. While pastry chef Pierre Hermé, with French journalist Olivier Reneau and Le Carreau du Temple director Sandrine Martins, reflected on the relationship between art and gastronomy, two authorial universes in the superchef era.

Broadcasted live, the event remains available online.



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