September 2022 brings along the second edition of the international conferences REBOOT: Artistic Sustainability – Beyond Green, which opens at 9:00 am Friday the 9th at Le Carreau du Temple in Paris. A program with varied talks and the goal to encourage creative dynamics and increase social responsibility on a planetary scale returns, after the success of the first edition which brought together relevant international names.

Artists, curators, programmers, collectors, thinkers, activists, politicians and role players from the most diverse spheres of the art world converged to Joana Vasconcelos studio in Lisbon – for an event broadcasted live -   to reflect on the challenges of the present and try to find suggestions for the future. The theme remains urgent, but this year's edition brings new approaches to increased perspectives:

The future of museums. Denon's heritage: meaning and delimitation of a space that provided value and meaning to artistic creation
Arts & Crafts. The revaluation of handicrafts, the New Bauhaus, production and commerce under the domain of Ethics for a more sustainable world
Art & Food. The relationship between two authorial universes in the superchef’s era

The names confirmed to embrace these and other concepts include: Bernard Blistène (former director of the Museum of Modern Art at the Pompidou Center), Adeline von Furstenberg (Art for the World, curator and patron), Demetrio Paparoni (curator and art critic), Graça Fonseca (former minister of culture), Olivier Reneau (journalist specialising in art, architecture and gastronomy), Pierre Hermé (chef) and Natalia Vodianova (goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund).

Organised for the second year running by Joana Vasconcelos Foundation, in collaboration with MG Boutique de Serviços and curated by D. André de Quiroga, REBOOT: Artistic Sustainability – Beyond Green establishes itself as an international platform for debating ideas and increasing the exchange of talents, as well as the possibility of placing art students with scholarships in international institutions. Or as the artist explains:

«Since 2012, the Joana Vasconcelos Foundation has been developing various activities within education and social responsibility in the arts' field. The Foundation has been providing scholarships for art students in higher education for several years now and intends to extend this action to institutions in countries beyond Portugal, an important step provided by REBOOT. Contributing with a reflection that tries to mirror the different nuances of contemporary thought, and aiming for a future of greater civic awareness, according to the principles of equality, freedom and fraternity that we want to see in the world.»

In keeping with the basic principle of these conferences, the internationalisation effort is materialised as this years’ edition is staged in Paris, at a time when the Tree of Life by Joana Vasconcelos, an important site-specific installation created for the Sainte-Chapelle de Vincennes. Ten years after the solo show at Versailles Palace (the most seen in France in 50 years by a record 1.6 million visitors), the contemporary artist returns to an important historical monument within the Portugal-France 2022 Season. With an artwork that also stands as a symbol of sustainability and hope for the future, on view from 14 September to 15 January 2023.


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