March brings with it the anniversary of the Barbie doll, the influential creation of Ruth Handler (Mattel) in 1959. Believing in the power of representation as a source of inspiration, today's Barbie pays tribute to the diversity of times, personalities, ages, ethnicities and professional or social backgrounds.

After several studies point to the fact that, from the age of five, many girls believe that their gender is less intelligent and capable, starting to develop self-limiting beliefs (the so-called Dream Gap), the Barbie Dream Gap Project was created, addressing this problem globally, looking for solutions and establishing partnerships to help build trust and reinforce their unlimited potential. This initiative was launched in 2018, during the 3rd edition of the Barbie Awards, which returned to Portugal to honor 10 inspiring and influential Portuguese women from different backgrounds. One-of-a-kind dolls designed by Raul Silva Lopes (The Doll Stylist) in partnership with Mattel were delivered at this event.

The Barbie offered to Joana Vasconcelos, dressed in the beautiful outfit created by Portuguese fashion designers Storytailors (Luís Sanchez and João Branco) for the opening of her exhibition in Versailles, will take part of the exhibition “PORTUGAL POP. Portuguese Fashion. 1970-2020” which opens on the 19 at Casa do Design, in Matosinhos.


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